Apartment Rental Hisaronu Turkey



Frequently asked Questions




Q: Is there a Maid Service?

A: Yes, weekly, 

Q: How close are the local shops?

A: There are two supermarkets within a 5 minute walk Migros and Azda. But the main shopping area is in Fethiye town centre.

Q: Is there a Taxi service?

A: Yes, but remember to always negotiate a price before commencing the journey.

Q: Is there a Bus service?

A: Yes, this is called a DOLMUS. The fare is fixed by local government, and the price can be found on a chart on the bus itself. E.g.. Hisaronu to Fethiye  is cheaper than taxi . (Note- they will NOT accept any other currency).

Q: How long does it take the DOLMUS to get to Fethiye and how frequent are they?

A: It takes approx 20 minutes and they run approx every10 minutes.

Q: How do I get to "OLU DENIZ" beach?

A: Dolmus which takes approx 15 minutes? or taxi.

Q: I have heard I am allowed to use ANY hotel or bar swimming pools around the resort, is this true?

A: Yes but they expect you to purchase a drink or snack from the bar.

Q: Is it true that i need a visa 

A: yes, the visa costs approx $22 per person. This even applies to each child. passport should be valid for at least  6 months. There are strict regulations on overstaying your visa evisa are now  avalible at   


Q: Is the mains water drinkable?

A: Yes if boiled, but we recommend bottled water.

Q: Do I have to put my toilet paper in a waste bin, like in Greece?

A: Officially "Yes"

Q: Does the apartment have Smoke alarms?

A: Yes, 

Q: How near is the nearest Hospital?

A: Most minor medical problems can be dealt with at the local clinic in Hisaronu, the nearest General Hospital is 20 minutes away in Fethiye.

Q: Are the medical facilities good?

A: Yes, they are first class but remember to take out travel insurance.